Beam me up Scotty!

PORTL has invented a way to travel by hologram anywhere in the world. Its devices enable a presenter to appear life size, in 4K resolution and interact with people thousands of miles away, even in multiple locations simultaneously. The units are completely self-contained, are cloud based and have touch screens, motion activation controls and on board media players. They can also playback prerecorded 2D and 3D content. Later this year, a table top device called the PORTL “Mini” will be released making PORTL even more versatile for remote work, entertainment, and global communications.  Artificial Intelligence functions are available.



Our breakthrough, patented technology allows anyone to “beam” from anywhere to anywhere else in REAL TIME.

The person being beamed has the unique ability to see, hear and fully interact with their global audiences in 4K holographic resolution. The Hologram Portation which is plug and play, can film, produce and edit any content or subject matter and play it back on a loop or through motion activation as a hologram movie.


The World’s First Life-Sized Single- Passenger HoloPortation Machine. Great for:

boardrooms/presentations, schools/education, medical/healthcare, government/military, malls/retail, families/living room, conferences, conventions/trade shows, music/spots venues, hotel/theater lobbies


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