Breaking Barriers


To produce a SXSW event to generate social media attention and guest attendance around a theme of Breaking Barriers which would encourage guests to select a workplace obstacle they’d like to break through. This activation falls under the new ADP brand campaign tagline What are you #WorkingFor and encourages guests to think about professional barriers which often get in the way of our goals.



Fresh Wata brought the Breaking Barriers concept to life via custom, color-drenched, thematic break rooms where guests were invited to physically Break Barriers aligned to common workplace frustrations. Once guests entered the venue, they selected the workplace obstacle that they wanted to break through. Next, they were directed to don a protective uniform, select a breaking tool and taken to their respective break room. Visitors could then use their tools to break a glass ceiling, smash outdated technology, destroy a piggy bank, or pummel a clock to vent their frustrations at their professional hurdles. Each guest break experience was captured digitally for social sharing.


Fresh Wata also ended the experience with an outdoor lounge area complete with kiosks to view and share videos as well as complimentary food and beverages which correlated to the thematic messaging.



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