Home Depot MLS 5-City Tour


The challenge with this legacy client is to continuously design, fabricate, produce, and manage an exciting and authentic brand experience for Home Depot that stands out amongst the myriad of sponsors activations at the AT&T Futball Fiesta (pregame event sponsor zone). Home Depot is the sponsor of the MLS Mexican National Team, so fans have come to expect yearly, unique experiential activations at these games.



Home Depot is a place where you can find what you need to make most anything. We bring that message to life year after year by fabricating our entire footprint with 90% of Home Depot purchased store product. Each year the experiences evolve to meet the changing needs of the brand ask. 


Yearly highlights include:

  • 2017: To drive engagement and drive social media presence, we worked with Luster to create a Guest-Generated Hashtag Mosaic.
  • 2018: We created a 5 camera matrix slow motion capture of fans celebrating on the field inside of the stadium highlighting fun elements such as a confetti cannon.
  • 2019: This year we are creating a custom airbrush station featuring takeaways created by 5 heralded airbrush artists.
  • Ongoing: Each year we offer fans the unique opportunity to meet Mexican National Team legend, Jared Borgetti, for a 2 hour meet and greet with fans.
  • Ongoing: Each year we create a Cheer Card station for fans to utilize Home Depot paint supplies to create personalized cheer signs. These card stock signs are pre-branded with the Home Depot logo for additional branding visibility within the arena.

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