MIT Boston Knotty Objects

The Ask

Fresh Wata was called upon by MIT Media Lab to manage multiple facets of the First Annual MIT Me-dia Lab Summit, devoted to design, in Boston, MA. The name of the summit, Knotty Objects, a playful double entendre, presented four complex objects – Brick, Bitcoin, Steak and Phone as a way to exam-ine and discuss four major disciplines – Art, Design, Engineering and Science. The two-day summit, with over 400 guests, was hosted by: Paola Antonelli (MoMA’s Senior Curator of Architecture and Design and Director of R&D). It included an intro and award presentation, cocktail reception and dinner the first night and a full day of presentations with key note speakers, themed breakfast and lunch and a final night of cocktails, dinner and entertainment the second day.

The Solution


The event launched at the ICA (International Contempo-rary Art Museum) in Boston, MA. Fresh Wata greeted guests at the door where branded RFID wristbands were provided. The minimalist, but playful, design theme stayed consistent throughout the two-day summit. Fresh Wata designed and fabricated custom floor pillows that zipped together to cre-ate their own art installation of sorts.


The following morning, guests were welcomed by Fresh Wata staff at the MIT Media Lab, for a fun and interactive breakfast. Guests were then summoned to the Multi-Purpose room for the morning presentations. Upon entering the Multi-Pur-pose room, guests were immediately wowed by a 15 foot tall seamless CYC stage set and beautifully constructed modern risers for audience seating. The stage set provided the per-fect minimalist backdrop for both the presentation projec- tions and the style of the summit. At lunch break, guests interacted with a 40’ long buffet table placed and a custom fabricated buffet kiosk. Blankets and floor cushions were provided for casual picnic-style seat-ing. Once the presentations concluded, guests headed to the tennis court, which was now transformed into a cocktail reception and sit down dinner, complete with clear tenting. The décor included custom maple Parsons Tables with a mix-match of mid-century modern seating. Guests enjoyed cocktails, a plated full-course dinner, then danced the night away.


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