Sprint Holo MWCA


Showcase the future of the 5G connected city to a wide audience at Mobile World Congress in a way that captivates, informs and wows guests. The next generation of wireless communication (5G) will act as the foundation for the Interconnected City of tomorrow across Home Automation, Transportation, City Services, Hospitals and more. Using a combination of physical models and holographic overlays, we told the story of 5G to attendees so they could get a sneak peek of what’s to come.


We created a 7 scene mixed reality journey, spatially mapped to a physical model in the center of the booth. Due to the nature of 3D scanning, most of the spatial mapping had to be done on-site after major elements of the physical booth were in place. The ability to iterate on content live on-set was critical to making sure everything was just right. Enklu Cloud makes it possible to modify content instantly across devices with a collaborative editor and multiple developers working together in parallel. FreshWata & Sprint were able to make tweaks to the digital layout as the physical set was being built. Without Enklu Cloud reflecting all the changes live, the iteration time would have increased by a magnitude of 10x and would not have been possible. Enklu is currently the only AR software solution on the market with this live editing feature.

Once everything was placed and spatially mapped, we were ready for showtime! Guests were taught how to navigate their AR journey, opening each chapter or location, by simply selecting it with their gaze. Each location told a part of the 5G story, with animated holographic models of different buildings across the connected city.


We used a simple finger-tap feedback device to measure our success. With 1,625 visitors giving us a 92% approval rating. This was well beyond the client expectations. And it was also surprising with some people spending upwards of 40 minutes in lens.


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